Monday, November 5, 2012

The Dream

I was not that typical girly-firm-and-proper-type of girl. I enjoy most playing physical activities like sipa, habulan, tumbang-preso with my guy friends and male cousins. I seldom play bahay-bahayan or lutu-lutuan with my girl friends ‘coz I find it boring. I was a boyish child back then who’s always amoy maasim because of excessive sweating.

I was in second year when my eldest brother got married unexpectedly. Too young, and too small, I was not included in the entourage. I thought it was not my thing, but I envied my cousins who were part of the entourage wearing their shiny gowns with hair fixed and make up. After that, I started dreaming of my own wedding, my gown, my hair and make-up, and my groom.